Double Dan

Sunday 3rd July 2011.


Fancy a change from racing round in circles?
Now for something completely different on Sunday 3 July 2011 yes, it’s your chance to enter a passage race on the high seas.

Well, any dinghy or catamaran is welcome to take part. The start line is at the Brightlingsea Sailing Club
and the race commences at 2:30 p.m. The course is simple – just make your way round the coast to the
finish line at Gunfleet Sailing Club at Holland on Sea. Rescue Boat cover will keep an eye on you all the
You have a number of options:
1. You come to the Gunfleet Sailing Club for 10:00 a.m. and cruise round to Brightlingsea with the
fleet of boats from GSC (there will be Rescue Boat cover all the way); or
2. You drive to Brightlingsea and then sail back after the race; or
3. You leave your car and trailer at Brightlingsea and we will drive you back to Brightlingsea to pick them up after the race.
4. You bring a friend/partner who waves you off from Brightlingsea and then drives your car and trailer
round to Gunfleet ready to greet you.
5. The entry fee for the race is just £2 per boat for adults and £1 per boat for under 18’s. If you
want a lift back to Brightlingsea after the race this will be free.
6. The Gunfleet club will have a barbecue on the go, there will also be Ploughmans on offer plus the bar will be
open with very reasonably priced drinks.
7. The Double Dan Trophy – first presented in 1958 – will be handed to the winner to take home for a year.

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