Clacton Sailing Club Newsletter February 2012

Due to these times of austerity, the committee has decided to hold the membership fees at last year’s level. For the club to go forward there will be a need for members to do some volunteering. Look out for the volunteering sheets at the "Membership day". We have made two large expenditures for the 2012/13 session, firstly a tractor drawn mower to keep the compound looking tidy and secondly bringing the clubhouse and compound electrics up to today's safety standard.


The compound will now be mown by the tractor but that cannot cut up to the boats. We are looking for owners to cut the grass around their boat. The club has a small petrol mower or electric strimmer that could be used.

We are looking at two days during the season for volunteers to tidy up the compound.

During the recent high winds a boat fell over, so would remind owners again that club rules state that boats must be securely tied down. We have looked into a "standard" method and have found a screw in anchor designed as a dog tether, this is less than £5 and we would recommend it.


The clubhouse could do with a major refurbishment but funds will not allow this. The intention is to make low cost improvements including members agreeing to take up a paint brush to brighten up the club on "Volunteering" days. It is also intended that low cost improvements are made to the changing rooms (including a coat of paint).


This year we have reduced the number of races but added Social Sailing. The Social Sailing will have safety cover but may also be a postponed race. We found poor weather in 2011 caused a problem with the race program and there was little opportunity to recover. Another small change will be four non Sunday race training sessions. The final session being an actual race (see program). As safety cover will be available members may just want to come and sail.

We will make a change to the cruise to Martello beach by adding a race each way. This should bring out the cruisers and racers.

Final note

As mentioned we are having extensive electrical work done. This may cause disruption and redecoration but we think the club will still be usable whilst this is done.