Clacton Sailing Club Newsletter July 2012

We have had such poor weather that many races have been cancelled, although some members have been out sailing in atrocious conditions (with their boats taking a beating).
This past weekend (July 21st) was a complete change and many people were out on the water.

RYA “Push the boat out”

On Saturday July 21st we had an open day in answer to the RYA's request for affiliated clubs to encourage people to try sailing. The weather was with us and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. We had a number of people going away with membership application forms.

Clacton Cadets coming to our club

We have up to four Cadets coming to the club under the supervision of one of their leaders each week. In turn they are adding their safety boat to our cover when required.


The Social Sailing still remains poplar and allows us to run postponed races alongside the social sailing.  The cruise to Martello beach with a race each way failed as there was a sea fog and we could not see beyond the ODM.

Volunteering – I intend making Saturday’s maintenance day

If anyone is at a loose end on a Saturday then I shall be at the club doing maintenance and I can find anyone tasks to suit their skills.
A side benefit would that I could assist in launch and recovery of members boats although as I would be doing maintenance I would not be able to provide safety cover. If three or four members wanted to go out I could abandon maintenance in lieu of safety cover (please check with me before the Saturday).

On the subject of Volunteering – we need a Race Officer

If you come to the club but do not sail then you may be interested in becoming a Race Officer. You will still be able to watch your other half sailing but you would be providing an important function to the club. Training will be provided and help with your first few races. Hopefully a number of members will come forward and a rota set up.