Double Dan Race Report

Sunday 19th August was to be a cruise to Brightlingsea, then a leisurely lunch followed by a race in the form of a dash back to Clacton Sailing Club.

The day started well with boats leaving from C.L.C and Gunfleet.

It was very hot, sunny with a light breeze and the forecast promised force four winds in the afternoon. But as we passed St. Osyth it went dark and as we approached Brightlingsea Sailing Club it actually rained!

The race started in a brisk wind and everyone took off with gusto. The two Brightlingsea catamarans (a Viper and a Shadow X) set the pace (and actually finished first) but every boat had their own ideas as to the best course and it was difficult to judge positions at that point. Unfortunately as the lead boats approached Clacton Pier the wind died and the entire fleet slowed to a crawl. A number of boats had to be towed home (our thanks go to Gunfleet for their assistance in this). As we towed the last boat back we noticed that the two returning Brightlingsea catamarans  had virtually stopped and had not yet made Clacton Pier. We therefore returned to see if they needed help and eventually towed those two boats (in to the setting sun) but it was a very slow progress so we called Brightlingsea and asked for a half way meet and then thankfully set course for home again. On the final journey we noticed a number of people still in the sea watching the beautiful sunset.

It was nearly 20:00 when we finally arrived back at base to beach the safety boat and we were extremely glad to see some club members waiting to help us in.

After applying the yard-stick the results were:

1st Paul Davis in a Solution (2:28.10)
2nd Pete Boxer and Eilish on a Dart 18 (2:04.19)
3rd J. Lightly on a Shadow X (1:53.58)