Dart Series - Race 6 Update

News Update on Dart Series - Race 6

Report of combined races Sunday 10th October
Dart Series 6, Golden Fillet and Wesby Trophies.

A wonderful sailing day dawned for the last combined races of the season – blue skies and a warm breeze almost enough to encourage many of the competitive boatmen onto the water. Almost, that is, until the forecast was taken into consideration – force 4, gusting to a fearsome 6, a very high 5m tide just as the boats should be coming ashore making retrieval both difficult and hazardous and the slight fear of damage just as they should be laid up for the winter.

But catamarans are designed for these conditions, sleek and fast, able to slice through the waves at quite incredible speeds – and it was just 3 of the most experienced Dart 18’s who came to the  line for a tight start.  The husband-and-wife duo of Martin & Debbie Chivers just powering into the lead as the flags dropped, with lone helmsmen Tim Dye and Ian Wright close on their heels. A single-handed Dart has two disadvantages in heavy winds and big seas – lack of a jib to assist in the tacking and the additional crew weight help hold it down when driving hard.

A long-legged course had been set to get the best out of the boats and Team Chivers gave a masterly performance of tight control, taking every advantage of the wave patterns and current flow as they held their lead throughout, with Dye & Wright battling for the runner-up positions. A high standard of helmsman-ship was displayed as there were no capsizes or breakages throughout – and just a few white knuckles to show for an exciting morning’s race!

With the meagre landing beach being swiftly eroded by the incoming seas, the race was shortened to get the cats safely ashore, with the last craft afloat - the support boat – motoring around the pier for collection at Martello Bay.

The results were:

Dart 18 Class Points No. 6
1 7127 Martin & Debbie Chivers
2 7563 Tim Dye
3 1752 Ian Wright

Golden Fillet All-in Handicap
 7127 Martin & Debbie Chivers 

Wesby Trophy, for the leading boat that has not won a Trophy this year
 7563 Tim Dye

Martin and Debbie Chivers

Tim Dye

Ian Wright