3rd Series Event Update

Clacton Sailing Club again held Open Handicap Racing up at the Holland Haven last Sunday with the 3rd event of the 6 series competition getting under way in brisk force 4 South Westerly winds.

The classical Triangle course followed by two reaching legs allowed the catamarans to really get into their stride and complete their 3 laps in the same time as the monohulls took to complete their 2 laps and it wasn't until the handicap calculations were complete that the final positions could be announced.

Robert Foxon and Mike Rolph attempted to gain the advantage in their RS Vision by crossing the start line on starboard tack but a slight line bias meant that 2 of the 3 catamarans could still cross ahead and start on port tack. With the race timed to coincide with slack low water the first lap at least was sailed without concern for tidal flow.

Martin and Debbie Chivers sailing their Dart 18 at the end of tacking duel up the first beat were ahead and called 'water' as right of way at the windward buoy preventing Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey from cutting inside. Both cats then freed-off and sailed the broad reach out to sea with crews trapezing to sounds of whooping and hollering in the spray on the fastest point of sailing.

James & son Harry racing the Hurrican

James Parsons racing with his son Harry on their Hurrican catamaran should have expected to be at the front end of the fleet in this fast boat but Harry lost his footing whilst trapezing and was towed along still attached by the trapeze wire. He was fine and managed to see the funny side of it once he had climbed back on but it meant they were to retire soon after and did not finish the race.

Roman and Irena Vassilijeva each sailed Toppers completing the race in the choppy conditions proving that boats of all sorts can race together arond the same course.

Sam Ransom and Jack Demsey who had showed so much promiss at the start of the racing season in their Lazer 2 this time showed too much consideration for the less experienced and were still helping other youngsters launch boats and unfortunately missed the starting sequence themselves.

Club Racing like this can help improve boat handling and build great teamwork. It can teach simple lessons from boat preparation through to being on the line when the race starts. East Coast sailing clubs have a reputation of producing world class helms and crews and it can all start from the youngest of age.

Pete Boxer & Eilish Dempsey racing to win

Final results: First Pete Boxer & Eilish Dempsey, Second Martin and Debbie Chivers, Third Robert Foxon and Mike Rolphe