Spring Newsletter

Spring update from Clacton Sailing Club.

I know some of you are eager to get sailing again but it is still winter. Last winter was very cold and this winter was very wet and windy.

We have had some damage in the compound. We have had part of the roof blown off two garages but these have been repaired. One member's boat had its mast come down but somehow the boat was not damaged nor was the mast. Some other boats have shifted and their owners informed. So it would be a good idea for all boat owners to check their boats before the season starts. I think we have been very lucky when you see others on the news.

Currently we have all the winter maintenance up to date. The RIB winches have been improved. Another change is a winch fitted to the back of the tractor. This means that two winches will be able to attach to the RIB in difficult times.

We are in the process of a major overhaul of the Club Toppers. We are also looking at adding more Toppers so that all Cadets can get on the water together.

Although all members should have a 2014 calendar some items will change. We have not yet allocated any cruises but intend to run some to replace Social Sailing events. To keep up to date you will need to consult the website www.clactonsailingclub.org.uk

The next Social event will be the “Fitting Out Supper” on Saturday 29th March at 19:30 but you will need to book. To book email rear.commodore@clactonsailingclub.org.uk and we would like a five pound deposit per person.

We are going to have a “Push The Boat Out” weekend 17th & 18th May.

We would like extra help on those days as they will be Open Days. The main purpose is to allow non-sailors to try sailing for free but many will only come to watch.

Wishing you all the best

Derek Cheek

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