Jubilee Rose Bowl - Race Report

Race Report for Jubilee Rose Bowl held at Clacton Sailing Club on Sunday 25th May 2014

Clacton Sailing Club members compete for the Jubilee Rose Bowl, a beautiful trophy that was first presented in 1976 by Mable Hawkeridge and who's Grandson, Ian Wright competed fiercely for this year.

Jubilee Rose Bowl 2014 Competing Members

Superb conditions with warm Force 4 -5 Southerly Winds

Conditions were superb with warm Force 4 -5 Southerly winds and rolling seas that encouraged the competitors to really push their craft to the limit. 

Well timed start from James Parsons and son Eddie

First over the start line with another well timed charge was James Parsons with son Eddie in the Hurricane catamaran sailing hard upwind into an outgoing tide to the windward buoy. Holding their nerve inshore they made the first leg with just one tack where as other sailors were forced by the tide to make 2 additional tacks thereby extending their lead before reaching off to the Outer Distance Marker buoy set out to sea. Thereafter the course continued back inshore with a broad reach that was later to catch some competitors out. A fetch out to sea then more downwind work before heading back the start line.

The cats were required to complete 3 laps and the monos just 2 with most finishing the fast course inside 1.5 hours.

Pete Boxer and Ian Wright push their luck

Pete Boxer and Ian Wright pushed their luck too far in the Spitfire and took a hard pitchpole on the 3rd lap with both of them still out on the trapeze wires and despite righting themselves and breaking a rudder they showed good sportsmanship to limp home and complete the race in 2nd place.

James Parsons and son Eddie showed real skill and take first place honors

Jubilee Rose Bowl 2014 Winners James and Eddie Parsons

James Parsons and son Eddie make few mistakes and cross the line in 1st place.

Peter Boxer and Ian Wright limp home and complete the race in 2nd place.

Cadets Sam Ranson and James Stacey chased the Hurricane in the RS500 and sailed an excellent race to come in 3rd place overall.

Organised racing on the Monday was postponed due to strong  wind squalls that made safety a concern but free sailors made the most of the opportunity for some high wind tuning.


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