The Clacton & Holland on Sea Coastal Defence project in 2014

Previous News, effects on the 2014 sailing season and initially presented schedule of works


Effects on our sailing season 2014

The project is set to start a couple of beaches east of the club house and they will then gradually progress westwards toward the pier, with completion of the beach directly in front of the club sometime in October, we hope.

It’s important to remember that although there will be some opportunities for sailing lost this season, this is a very small price to pay for the huge advantages we as a sailing club will enjoy moving on into the future.  Imagine we will no longer be held at the mercy of the tide, we will have all day sailing, every day, launching and landing with plenty of beach, in calm waters; this will truly be a sailor’s paradise…

Your Commodore is already in talks with the council and is continuously looking for different ways to reduce disruption and allow some sailing to continue. Several options are being discussed at present and their viability checked. We would like all members to be reassured that all possible avenues are being explored.

'Open As Normal'

We intend on keeping the sailing club ‘open as normal’ during this period and would like to encourage members to come down, socialise and watch the progress of the beach works. We will also be looking to undertake small maintenance tasks within the clubhouse and compound during this period; as always, any help is greatly appreciated.

Cadet Week 18th to 22nd August 2014

Cadets enjoying slippery slide

We still intend on running our annual cadet week and we are hoping to have the use of the beach for the whole week whilst there is a break in the works. During this time members are welcome to come down and help out or go sailing!

The above is on the basis that the beach contractors are running to schedule, if we do not have use of the beach we may need to look at alternative options.




Initially presented schedule - 21st July to 24th September 2014

Full works on the first phase are set to commence on 21st July 2014 and will continue for the remainder of the season.

At this stage it is unclear whether the contractors intend on working through the winter.

We have been provided with a schedule of works relating to the first phase, these dates are anticipated and could be subject to change.

First Phase - Holland Haven to Brighton road, Holland on Sea

Approximate timings of works.

21st July - 2nd August 2014 - Existing structures demolished.

Excavators and dump truck will be working along the beach removing the structures. The beach will be closed for health and safety reasons.

29th July - 14th August 2014 - Temporary beach recharge.

The Sospan Dua (a specialist shallow draft dredging vessel) will be rainbowing beach material onto the frontage. The beach will be closed for health and safety reasons.

14th - 26th August 2014 - No works.

The beach will be open to the public.

25th August to November/December 2014 - Construction of the new groynes and beach recharge

Rock will be delivered from sea onto the beach.  Large excavators and construction plant will be working along the beach to build the groynes. The beach recharge will be pumped onshore. The beach will be closed for health and safety reasons. However once bays are complete they will be opened to the public when it is safe to do so.

1 September to 20 September 2014 - Removal of existing concrete and timber groynes

Excavators and dumptruck will be working along the beach to remove the structures between the junction of The Esplanade/Kings Parade and Cliff Road.

From 5/10 September to 19/24 September - Temporary beach recharge

The Sospan Dau will be rainbowing material onto the frontage mainly between The Esplanade/Kings Parade and Cliff Road.

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