Haslett Mug - Race Report - April 2015

A handful of experts braved the conditions with force 4 gusting 6 Sou'Westerlies

John Summerfield - Haslett Cup 2015

Pictured above: John Summerfield with Laser dinghy

Clacton Sailing Club members had been checking the weather forecast all week with strong winds predicted ahead of last Sunday's Haslett Mug.

Experts brave the conditions

Eventually only a handful of experts braved the conditions with force 4 gusting 6 Sou'Westerlies blowing through the course bringing with it some heavy sea conditions. Bright sunshine helped to create a great spectacle.

A simple course was set between upwind and downwind buoys and  the clubs rescue boat launched to provide cover for the 5 catamarans and dinghies that were signed-on to start.

James and Robert team up to battle the seas and high winds

James Parsons teamed-up with Robert Mitchell on the Hurricane to make a formidable high wind partnership for the day and the pair made an excellent start hitting the line, at speed, precisely on time.

James Parson and Robert Mitchell - Haslett Mug 2015

Pictured above: James Parsons and Robert Mitchell team up

John Summerfield, who had enjoyed so much success the previous week returned again in his Laser dinghy, this time rigged with a high wind radial rig. John also timed his start to perfection and headed upwind on Port tack into the heavy seas.

Martin & Debbie Chivers revel in the conditions

Husband and wife team Martin & Debbie Chivers were close behind and revelled in the conditions keen to discover the promise of their new Dart 18 catamaran. Daniel Brezinski and James Stacey soon discovered that discretion was the better part of valor and retired in their Dart 18 shortly after the start. James's younger brother William also made the sensible decision and came ashore early in his single handed Topper.

Parsons and Mitchell hit by 7ft high freak wave!?!?

Parsons and Mitchell were first to round the upwind buoy and head off on the screaming broad reach. The 19' catamaran looked very small at times in the heavy rolling seas and was seen to be hit by one freak wave estimated by the helmsman to be about 7 foot high.

The battering took it's toll and they too were forced to retire when Roberts trapeze harness failed but nothing could wipe the grins from their faces when they came into the beach to tell their tales.

James, Robert and Dan recover cat - Haslett Cup 2015

Pictured above: Hurricane is recovered

The race continued now with Martin & Debbie in the catamaran and John Summerfield in the Laser as the last two boats remaining afloat.

John demonstrated his determination and recovered quickly from a capsize. The broad reach was followed by an upwind leg and the course repeated with the winners completing the course in just 32 minutes.

The Chivers Duo take the trophy

Once the handicaps were calculated it was the well deserving Chivers Duo that took the trophy with the Lazer a close second just 2 minutes behind, what a difference a capsize can make.

Debbie and Martin Chivers - Haslett Cup 2015

Pictured above: The victors, husband and wife team Martin and Debbie Chivers

Hearty congratulations to all who took part in this most challenging event.


1100 racing continues every Sunday this year up at the Holland Haven Sailing Club.


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