Class Series 1 - Race Report - April 2015

Interesting race conditions for the first race of the Spring Class Series

North Easterly winds and a flooding Spring tide created some interesting racing condition last Sunday at Clacton Sailing Club for the first race of the Spring Class Series.
Slightly cross-offshore the light and flukey wind swung through 45 degrees at times which proved challenging to the catamarans that completed the 2 lap course.

Spring tide was in full flood

The Spring tide was in full flood and added to the problem of judging the lay lines and when to tack which was most important when heading upwind.
With the tide and wind acting together only Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey realised the importance of remaining on station close to the start line and in the final minute of the countdown the wind dropped inshore allowing the pair to get a commanding lead right from the start with the pack struggling to chase.

Robert Foxon and Mike Rolfe fall foul of the wind

Robert Foxon and Mike Rolfe sailing a Dart 16 crossed the line in second place but were later to fall foul of the wind and tide combination that caused them to have to make extra tacks out at the seaward bouy: The Catamaran is well known for exhilarating straight line speed but are notoriously slow to tack requiring good judgement and experience when calling the manoeuvres on the long legs of the race course  in the open sea.

Battle for 2nd and 3rd place

The battle for 2nd and 3rd place was most interesting with Martin & Debbie Chivers pulling out a 4 minute lead over Daniel Brezinski and James Stacey with both teams sailing identical Dart 18's.

Debbie and Martin Chivers - Class Series 1 2015

Pictured above: Martin and Debbie Chivers after race.

Martin was able to use the swell that develops with northerly winds to surf on the reaching leg back into the beach. Yet Daniel seemed to have learnt the lessons of the first lap and over-took the Chivers boat on the upwind leg making the most of a wind shift. In shifty unpredictable conditions it paid to stay in the middle of the course so as to be ready to capitalise on the variations of wind direction.

Pete Boxer & Eilish win by convincing margin

Peter Boxer, Eilish Dempsey & William Stacey - Class Series 1 2015

Pictured above: "Job done" Peter & Eilish recover thier Dart 18 with help from William Stacey after thier convincing win.

Only on the last leg was Martin & Debbie to again over-take Daniel and restore his original 4 minute advantage to finish 2nd overall to Pete Boxer & Eilish who won by a convincing margin.

Racing continues each Sunday at 1100 for the rest of the season at the Holland Haven sailing club.


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