Class Series 2 - Race Report - June 2015

Members of Clacton Sailing Club made the most of the sun on Sunday. The Club staged the second of four class series races spread over the summer months.

Dart 4 Race Rescheduled

Pictured Above: Close racing ensues after crowed start

Bunched togeher

The monohulls were first to start at 11.00 with a fleet of Lasers bunched together all attempting to hit the start line as the horn went. At 11.15 sharp the Catamaran fleet started with Father and son team Ian and Liam Wright defying wind and tide and reached the first bouy ahead of the main pack. 

Unpredictable offshore winds

In the very light and unpredictable off shore winds combined with a strong incoming tide meant that both skill and lots of luck were needed to successfully navigate round a course made of triangles and sausages. The Hurricane Catamaran expertly sailed by James Parsons and James Stacey quickly gained control of the multi-hulled fleet and lead the way from the second bouy to the finish line winning by a comfortable margin both on elapsed time and on handicap.

fierce competition

Back in the multi-hulled pack things were very different with boats changing places constantly with team Boxer, Brzezinski, Chivers, Mitchell and Wright fiercely competing for every gust of wind, often meaning the teams were sailing at very close quarters indeed. 

The mono-hull fleet revelled in the fluky conditions with their highly manoeuvrable craft able to quickly respond to the ever shifting and unpredictable off shore winds. The tight group battled their way around the course with George Venables taking the honours followed closely by Kathy Mitchell racing for the first time this year in her Laser narrowly beating on handicap Sam Ronson skilfully racing his Laser 2 single handed in these tricky conditions. 

The series is now at the halfway stage with two more races to be completed and in both classes no outright leader has emerged. 

Results: Catamarans 1 James Parsons and James Stacey 2 Robert Mitchell 3 Ian and Liam Wright.  Monos 1 George Venables 2 Kathy Mitchell 3 Sam Ronson. 


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