Jubilee Rose Bowl - Race Report - July 2015

Clacton Sailing Club racers competed last weekend for the Jubilee Rose Bowl trophy under fabulous blue skies and fresh force 4-5 winds.

Martin and Debbie Chivers show how its done on their Dart 18 Catamaran

Pictured above: Husband and wife team - Martin and Debbie Chivers on thier Dart 18

Dart 18 Catamaran and Laser Dinghies compete

Although advertised as an open class race it is interesting to see two distinct fleets emerging as the season progresses with Dart 18 catamarans and Laser dinghies becoming increasingly popular. Both types of sailing boat offer exciting one design racing for only a modest outlay and bring high performance sailing within the reach of weekend amateurs.

Race Officer Charles Stacey set a fast course and the clubs rescue boat team of Neil Ward and Irina Vassiljeva  set the windward buoy according to the prevailing SSW winds.

Risk of going over-early

The risk of going over-early at the start was exaggerated by a flooding tide as the sound signals marked the starting sequence the boats appeared to be cautiously holding back.

Interestingly all the cats chose to take advantage of a slight port bias and headed close inshore in the smoother waters created by the new fishtail rock groins with Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey just holding off Martin and Debbie Chivers in a pointing duel.

Peter Boxer and Eilish Dempsey make it look easy

Pictured above: Pete and Eilish making it look easy

In contrast the Laser fleet led by Larry Foxon all cleared the line on Starboard tack and headed out to sea in anticipation of an beneficial lift from the tide.

Matt Burrell sailing his Dart with James Stacey as crew also tacked off early hoping to take advantage of the tide. This strategy risked approaching the windward buoy on port tack and having to give way to the starboard tack boats approaching from inshore.

Broad reach to the seaward mark

In the event Boxer & Dempsey edged around the buoy just ahead of the Chivers and the race was on! Freeing off and sailing a broad reach to the seaward mark the boats hit their maximum speed close to 20 knots and had to surf down the deep swells that had built up.

Jack Dempsey and Dan Brzezinski on the Dart 18 Catamaran

Pictured above: Jack Dempsey and Daniel Brzezinski racing thier Dart 18 Catamaran

Luffing slightly to keep the speed at the waves crested and then bearing off as deep as they dared the boats faced very different risks:

The cats with the narrow bows are prone to nose diving and can pitchpole in effect capsizing forward as they power to drag ratio causes a tripping effect.

The monos on the other hand become increasingly unstable sailing off wind specially in strong conditions and rolling seas and sailors prefer to gybe from one broad reach to the other.

Laser dinghies suffer capsizes

All the Lasers admitted to at least one capsize with plucky Cathy Mitchell having to right her boat from a complete inversion when her Laser turned turtle out at sea. She was to eventually retire but claimed nevertheless to have enjoyed the challenge.

Cathy Mitchell is still smiling after her capsize during the jubilee rose bowl race

Pictured above:Cathy Mitchell still smiling after capsize.

Mark Venables, having repaired his Laser since his disaster of last week was unable to catch Larry and had to settle for second placed monohull.

Martin and Debbie Chivers take the win

A 360 penalty after hitting a buoy might have cost Boxer & Dempsey the race but the husband and wife team Chivers revelled in the conditions and rarely made any mistakes to deservedly take the trophy overall.

Special Mention

Jack Dempsey and Dan Brzezinski

Pictured above: Jack Dempsey out on the wire

Special mention this week goes to Jack Dempsey as the youngest sailor afloat trapezing as crew on Daniel Brzezinski's Dart catamaran. Daniel remarked that Jack had appeared fearless as he urged the skipper to drive the cat ever faster! They were rewarded with 4th place overall.


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