Marmalade Bowl & Cadet Helm 3 - Race Report - September 2015

Drama, glamour and excitement last weekend as the final race of The Cadet Trophy series was held on the same course as the Marmalade Bowl Lady Helm trophy

Lucy & Ben Boxer - Marmalade Bowl 2015

Pictured above: Lucy Boxer with brother and crew Ben Boxer

Debbie Chivers would defend her title as champion helm in the Marmalade Bowl and James Rolfe and James Stacey would come head-to-head in a winner-takes-all final race of the Cadet Trophy Series.

Flukey offshore winds

Fabulous blue skies and flat seas disguised the flukey offshore winds that would gust up to force 4 and with wild fluctuations in direction that would eventually catch the unwary sailors out.

Ladies first

Both sailing identical club Topper dinghies Eilish Dempsey had manoeuvred herself to start ahead of Debbie and also ahead of 11 year old Lucy Boxer who was helming a Topaz dinghy with her older brother Danny as crew and mentor.

The trio of Lady Helms headed upwind against the ebbing tide trying to read the gusts of wind as they became visible on the water surface.

Head to Head

James Stacey meanwhile had started clear ahead of his friend and rival James Rolfe at the start of the Cadet race.

James Stacey & James Rolfe - Cadet Helm 3 2 2015

Pictured above: Cadets battle for the top spot

This week both had arranged to sail identical Laser dinghies to make it a true test of sailing prowess. Other Cadets, perhaps sensing the drama of the occasion raced more for the fun of it.

Nevertheless Jack Dempsey sailing in another of the club Topaz dinghies was placed 3rd by only a 60 seconds margin on corrected handicap timing.

Ben Boxer, whilst appearing proficient was off the pace in his Topper before realising he had been sailing with a reef in his sail!

In the ladies race Debbie had tacked inside Eilish at the windward mark and the chase was on as they bore off onto the downwind legs out to sea and then on towards Frinton.

Comfortable win for Debbie

Debbie Chivers - Marmalade Bowl 2015

Pictured above: Debbie Chivers in topper dinghy

Over the 2 lap race Debbie was never troubled and sailed home for a comfortable win.

During the Cadet race Stacey had held onto his narrow lead for the entire first lap with Rolfe trying all the tricks in the book to get past.

Eventually Rolfe 'undertook' Stacey by sailing to leeward on the second beat only to to slip back again on the downwind legs.

The pair rounded the penultimate buoy with Stacey just ahead and with the finish line in sight.

James Stacey & James Rolfe - Cadet Helm 3 2015

Pictured above: James stacey chases down James Rolf in thier Laser Dinghies.

Now close hauled and sailing inshore a combination of having to over-take a slower boat and a momentary windshift caused Stacey to capsize. His slick recovery however was not sufficient and 'Rolfie' edged past for the win.

James Rolf takes race win and Cadet Helm Trophy

After racing all season the pair were separated by just 8 seconds and the trophy this year will be awarded to James Rolfe at the annual prize giving dinner 


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