Holiday Cup 2 - Race Report - July 2016

The Holiday Race Series continued last weekend at Clacton Sailing Club in gusty offshore winds that challenged the mixed fleet of catamarans and dinghies.

Brian Allen - Holiday Cup 2 2016

Picture above: Brain Allen sailing single handed on his Dart 16

Offshore westerly winds remained flukey in direction and gusted from force 1-4.

Unconventional start line

An unconventional start line required the fleet to bare away and sail on a broard reach out to sea heading to the leward mark as the first leg.

The colourful pack of Dart 16's got clean away led off the line with Rob Mitchell followed by Mark and George Venables and Brian Allen also sailing single-handed.

James Rolfe raced his Laser One and was joined by Jamie and Owen Lowe each sailing Topaz's.

Larry Foxon and Mike Rolfe chased hard in Hurricane 5.9 cat and Pete Boxer & Eilish Dempsey were over-early and suffered the penalty of having to re-start. 

Rigging problems

Jack Dempsey sailing with George Venables were late off the line in their Dart 16 after rigging problems delayed their launch.

Rounding the first mark to port the boats headed off towards Frinton on the first reaching leg.

Rob Mitchel hung onto his lead until on the third leg of the sausage  when simultaneously Boxer & Dempsey over-took him to windward and Foxon & Rolfe under-took him to leeward in a sandwich manouver.

Larry Foxon - Holiday Cup 2 2016

Picture above: Larry Foxon on his Hurricane Catamaran

Whilst the reaching legs were exhilarating it was the beat back to the start line against a strongly flooding tide that made it technically interesting. The offshore wind in these conditions is visible to the sailors on the water surface and can be seen to spread out as the flurries of gusts race out to sea. Depending on how these hit the sailboats these can give either give a 'lift' allowing the boat to point higher or give a 'header' as the helms are forced to bare away. The dinghy fleet responded to these variations and enjoyed a quick tacking dual. Even the cats tacked on the biggest shifts.


The overall winner only became clear once Derek Cheek as Commodore and Race Officer for the day had calculated the handicap times.

Rob Mitchell sailed his Dart 16 singlehanded for over an hour took the well deserved race just 40 seconds ahead on corrected times of the next boat.

The cats would go onto to do 3 laps and the dinghy raced for 2. Boxer & Dempsey took line honours in the Dart 18 corrected to second place overall and the Venables father and son combination on their Dart 16 captured third place overall.

Special mention this week goes to James Rolfe who continues to resist the lure of two hulls and proved that his Laser One is s force to be reckoned with finishing in 4th place overall.


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