Commodores Platter - Race Report - August 2016

Clacton Sailing Club hosted the Commodore's Platter open handicap race on Bank Holiday Monday in light offshore winds.

Mark and Charlie Venables - Commodores Platter 2016

Pictured above: Mark Venables and son Charlie

Manouvering in the closing seconds of the start sequence it was Brian Allan sailing single-handed in his Dart 16 who won the start line closely followed by James Foxon in his Laser with Brzezinski back in 3rd position.

Flukey Winds

By the first bouy towards Clacton however the flukey light winds had taken their toll and helped Dan and Larry to move up to round the buoy first. Father and son Mark and Charlie Venables rounded in second place in their Dart 16 closely followed by Commodore Derek Cheek with Ying Chan crewing in their Dart 18 and then husband and wife Rob and Cathy Mitchell also in a Dart 16. Brian Allan had slipped at this stage down to 5th place over the water.

'Race within a race'

The three Laser dinghies were meanwhile enjoying a 'race within a race' with James Foxon clear ahead of Martin Chivers and Toby Mitchell.

Daniel Brzezinski and Larry Foxon - Commodores Platter 2016

Pictured above: Daniel and Larry prepare their Dart 18 Catamaran

Heading out to sea on a beam reach the fleet found clearer winds and Brian Allan moved up one place ahead of Derek Cheek.

The beat back into the ODM broke the procession as each boat could freely choose to sail a different tack and Brian Allan headed back in on starboard in contrast to the majority who chose simply to harden-up on port. Always difficult to judge the effectiveness of such a bold move it only became clear that Allan was to move up the fleet by another place this time crossing ahead of Rob & Cathy Mitchell who had to put in a last moment tack to avoid hitting the buoy.

Return to the laser dinghy

Martin Chivers this week returning to Laser sailing for the first time in many years obviously re-discovered some old tricks as he clawed back the distance to round the ODM neck and neck with James Foxon and they headed slowly offshore for the downwind leg with Toby Mitchell still close on their heels.

Martin Chivers - Commodores Platter 2016

Pictured above: Martin Chivers pleased with second place win

Reaching from the seaward mark further up the coast this time towards Frinton Brian Allen continued his march through the fleet and was in second place to Brzezinski and Foxon. The race was shortened at this stage to a single lap which took most of the fleet about an hour to complete.

Despite Brian Allan's obvious improvement throughout the race his handicap for racing single-handed would eventually push him out of contention.

Brian Allen - Commodores Platter 2016

Pictured above: "ready for anything" Brian Allen prior to the race


On the Beach - Commodores Platter 2016

Interestingly it was Martin Chivers in his Laser that took second place and Mark and Charlie Venables in the Dart 16 in third place with Dan Brzezinski and Larry Foxon taking the well deserved win.


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