Autumn Leaf 3 & 4 - Race Report - October 2016

On Sunday members of Clacton Sailing Club held the final two races of their Autumn Leaf Series in a back to back configuration.

Pete Boxer and Eilish Dempsey take the win

Autumn Series Race 3

At 11 o’clock sharp the starter signal commenced proceedings with Larry Foxon and Mike Rolfe taking the early lead with Robert Mitchell on their heels followed very closely by the rest of the chasing fleet.


The challenge was to get to the first bouy without being called starboard and having to give way as the boats zigzagged to the mark. Many loud calls for starboard could be heard across the sea as the competing craft vied for position.

First lap honours went to the Hurricane 5.9 but Mitchell was very close and on handicap clearly ahead knowing that only a first place position would put him in contention of winning the series.

Three way tussle

Boxer and Dempsey were caught in a three way tussle with Daniel Brzezinski with Matt Burrel as crew in a Dart 18 and Mark and George Venables in their Dart 16. Brian Allen in his Dart 16 and James Foxon in his Lazer were enjoying their own battle for sixth place. 

After Foxon and Rolfe completed their fourth lap race officer Martin Chivers decided to shorten the course and subsequently finish the boats as they passed the last bouy.

The following competitors battled to the last with Mitchell managing to gain a clear victory over Boxer and Dempsey by only 15 seconds on handicap.  

With all the contestants staying on the water the final race of the series soon commenced with Boxer and Dempsey realising that only a win would secure the trophy.

Autumn Series Race 4

Mitchell at the start was a clear leader closely pursued by Brzezinski and Burrel hot on his heels. Team Venables, Boxer and Dempsey closely followed by Allen enjoyed a close battle to catch the lead boat. 

Frustrating Start

From a frustrating start Foxon and Rolfe blasted through the fleet in their extremely fast Hurricane 5.9 knowing they had a huge challenge to create a sufficient lead to beat the other boats on handicap.

In the final lap Brzezinski and Burrel produced a masterclass in the race to the final bouy but were unable to gain sufficient lead on Team Boxer and Dempsey.

With Robert Mitchell finishing third Team Boxer and dempsey not only won the last race but lifted the trophy.  

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