Dart Race 5 Sailing Update

Results of Dart Race held on Sunday 29th August.

Clacton Sailing Club
Dart 18 Class Points No. 5
Bank Holiday Sunday 29th August

A crisp breeze and bright sunshine saw almost the whole of the Club’s Dart fleet on the water for the 5th race of the series. After a 15 minute postponement to ensure the buoys were securely anchored, the catamarans gathered at the start line, cleverly holding themselves against the wind and current – ready for the off.

The north-easterly gusted into force 5 as the starting flags dropped, the boats all speeding off towards the first mark in fine form – until they came away from the sheltering shoreline and into the teeth of the wind. Tim Dye and Mat Burrell suffered minor gear problems, putting them at the back of the pack, but they all got safely round and headed out to sea. The deceptively flattish seas quickly becoming long rollers with a quite vicious chop and the inevitable capsizes began.

Father and son duo Martin & Simon Chivers were sailing almost faultlessly and began to draw out an impressive lead into the second lap, the race seemingly in the bag until they capsized at the way-out seaward mark. Martin lost contact with the cat and to his horror saw it moving away faster than he could swim to it. The ever vigilant safety boat brought him back alongside and aboard the overturned craft, where it was righted without too much of a problem; however, under the Sailing Rules this constituted ‘outside assistance’ and Team Chivers came ashore and retired.

Ian Wright, sailing single-handed, also went over in almost the same spot as he buried the bows up to the mast and catapulted himself into the fore shrouds but managed to quickly get the boat upright again. Sailing steadily, Dye and Burrell edged past and kept their lead through to the finish.

The rest of the racing fleet performed spectacular flips and pitch-poling, a few suffering gear failures, with one or two deciding enough was enough and all came ashore to retire.
This left just the two of them in the race, with Wright now too far behind to catch Dye & Burrell, crossing the finish line as the wind force went up another notch and the tide bringing in large rolling waves right up the dwindling beach. They were followed soon afterwards by the safety boat, with everyone off sand and into the boat compound as the tide crept up to the sea wall.

The Result was:
Dart 18 Class Points 5
1st 7563 Tim Dye & Mat Burrell
2nd 1752 Ian Wright

Dart Class Points 6 was scheduled for the next day – Monday – but with the wind howling in at force 5, gusting 6 – on shore, with the inevitable increase in strength and big white horses a bit farther out, the racing was abandoned for the day, to be re-sailed if a convenient date can be arranged. All was not lost, however, as the sheltered sun-trap balcony encouraged Club members to loiter until another great lunch was served.

This coming weekend sees the increasingly popular R.Y.A. Adult and Cadet sail training, with a Chinese evening on the Saturday the 4th that promises to be intriguing.

Tim Dye & Mat Burrell  7563  the winning boat

1st 7563 Tim Dye & Mat Burrell

Ian Wright 1752 came 2nd

2nd 1752 Ian Wright

Congratulations to both teams and also well done to all that took part.