Dennis Wood Cup - Race Report - May 2019

Members of Clacton Sailing Club on Sunday were greeted with blues skies and a breeze which would make for a wonderful morning race.

Stafford and Glynn - Dennis Wood Cup

The Trophy up for grabs was the much coveted and long standing Denis Wood Cup which has been part of the Club's heritage for many years.

The course was to be a diamond with the first windward mark being the Haven Outflow Buoy. Catamarans to complete 4 laps and mono hulls to complete 2.

At 11.15 sharp the hooter sounded across Holland Haven. Martin and Debbie Chivers sailing their Dart 18 Catamaran were in pole start line position raced to the first buoy heading the shore, while Stafford Glover and Glen Burrows racing their Hurricane Catamaran quickly tacked on he line and headed seaward. Glover and Burrows were able just take windward buoy honours in their much faster craft and knew that they had to build a lead on Team Chivers or would be caught on the handicap system.

The other battle in the race was between Robert and Cathy Mitchell sailing their Dart 16 catamaran and Allan Griffiths sailing his Laser mono hull, with the beat to the first buoy favouring the ability of the Laser to sail close to the wind and fight against an unforgiving tidal flow.

As the wind increased as did the lap times fall and back at the front the Hurricane was making the most of their huge third sail and formed a solid lead on the chasing fleet.

After a good hour of racing and with all the times and handicap calculations made, Stafford and Glen managed to lift the cup by a winning margin of just 14 seconds over Team Chivers with Allan in his laser gaining a very deserved 3rd.

Special mention to Peter Boxer and Daniel Brzezinski sailing their A Class Catamarans at a top level open meeting at Rutland Waters. Out of a fleet of top catamaran sailors racing in the Fast Handicap Group Peter took First Place and Daniel on points took equal Second. Well Done to both of them!

For any one looking to try sailing every Saturday in June Clacton Sailing Club is running a Intro to Sailing.
For further information contact Martin Chivers the Commodore on 07725361665


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