Class Series 1-6 - Race Report - May 2019

Clacton Sailing Club members race for the Class Series Catamaran Trophy and Mono Cup.

Class Series 2019

Class Series 1 & 2 - 19th May 2019

Light wind and a light drizzle greeted a surprisingly upbeat gaggle of sailors last Sunday. Seemingly determined to ignore reality 9 cats and a lone dinghy gathered on the beach for the first round of the Class Points series of races.

After the shortest of postponement the wind started to fill in and Commodore Martin galvenised everyone with his horn and the race was on!

Nice line charges from Larry and Mike and also from Ian sailing solo on his Dart.

Spring tide was in full rip making it a tricky call on the layline with most over-standing and having to reach into the windward.

Great to free-off and run downwind then gybe and head back inshore on a a tighter board beat. Kites up and chasing the A Class kids valiantly trying to make the wild thing work. Anyhow 2 laps for the first race. 3 laps for the second. Mike gave up the helm to George in race 2 and Stafford and Glenn also swapped roles. Maybe this switcheroo could be a requirement in future 2 race days?

Enough to say as the wind freshened there was something for everyone and a great day was had by all.

Special mention to 7 year old Mylo racing his Hurricane this week with Dad as crew - You are just the coolest kid on the block

And Maria huge thanks for totally spoiling us with beef stew and dumplings and even homemade cake for pud!

Class Series 3 & 4 - 26th May 2019

Brian and Robert lift the Trophy.

The Bank Holiday weekend saw Clacton Sailing Club members race for The Catamaran Trophy and Mono Cup.

At 11.00 sharp Larry and Mike sailing their Hurricane catamaran attacked the start gate on a starboard tack with Brian and Robert sailing their F18 catamaran starting on port which would mean that they would have to give way if they got too close.

Team Vennables made up of Father and son team Mark and Charlie stalled on the line and could only watch their competitors race off to the first buoy.

Brian and Robert knew they had to build a commanding lead in their faster catamaran so not to be caught on handicap when all the numbers were crunched at the end so pushed their boat and sailed their boat as closed to the buoys as possible.

On the second lap disaster struck, first by hitting a buoy resulting in a penalty turn and then after getting under way again Robert found himself sailing this high performance catamaran on his own with no one steering as Brian's trapeze harness had broken and was now swimming, only through impressive seamanship Robert was able to turn the F18 round pick up his helm and then go on to win the race! While Brian and Robert were entertaining spectators Team Vennables was able to take second place.

After a short interlude the second race of the day started this time with Team Vennables able to gain a much better start and all three raced to the first buoy with Brian and Robert again proving unbeatable with Larry and Mike in hot pursuit.

The order was to then stay for the duration of the race with spectators treated to the sight of fast catamarans at full speed powering from the last buoy to the finishing line.

Class Series 5 & 6 - 27th May 2019

On Monday gusty conditions become the nature of the racing leading to a good number of capsizes and retirements.

At 11.00 O'clock sharp saw Larry this time in his Laser having a go in the mono cup hit the line perfectly and lead the chasing pack to the first buoy.

By the end of the first lap Brian and Robert had powered ahead with Team Vennables this time with Mark and son George with Daniel in his A class hot pursuit Rob and Cathy Mitchell in their Dart 16 and Larry in his laser who although was back marker on handicap was very much in the mix.

Larry unfortunately then promptly capsized putting an end to a Sampson and Goliath handicap ending.

The racing continued and then disaster struck with for Brian and Robert again with a spectacular capsize and not to be out done on the spectacular front, Daniel, whilst racing neck and neck with team Vennables capsized in style and unfortunately broke his tiller.

Team Vennables sailed their hearts out and on handicap took a well deserved first place.

Brian and Robert once upright tried their very best and although finished first gave way to Team Vennables by just 6 seconds on handicap. Larry despite his capsize finished a worthy third followed by Team Mitchell.

The Final race of the series saw Just 2 boats battle for the honours in very unpredictable conditions with both crews wanting to win and indeed stay up right!

When all the numbers and handicaps were counted Brian and Robert were the clear winners of both the final race and very worth winner of the trophy.

Very special mention to Team Vennables who had sailed their hearts out across the all 6 races and were a very close 2nd.

This Saturday the 1st June see Clacton Sailing clubs first of 6 Saturday afternoons of Introduction to Sailing. Starting at 1pm and finishing at 4pm for a very modest cost come and have a go. Contact Martin Chivers the Commodore on 07725361665 for further information.


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